Activation therapy: methods and principles

Activation therapy

We should understand that cancer is one of the ways to show problems with the metabolism, as the majority of other degenerative diseases. A modern concept of cancer control in Russia, activation therapy, was developed long ago and now is actively used.

A healthy human body represents a balanced system, where a lot of processes that involve metabolites take place. When any disease occur, this system crashes. That is why while treating (including treating cancer diseases) it is very important to establish the optimal functioning of the patient’s body. Activation therapy lets treat even cancer patient with adaptogens of natural origin at the cellular level.

Wake up the reserve cells

The main task of activation therapy is to restore the optimal functioning of all vitally important organs and systems of a human body by “waking” and stimulating of reserve cells. The “awakened” reserved cells replace died or damaged ones.

In that way one can achieve positive results in the dynamics of the structure of adaptive responses.

Who can be indicated for activation therapy?

Activation therapy has a wide spectrum of usage. This method is successfully used for:

  • treatment of diseases;
  • prevention of diseases;
  • realization in a rehabilitation programme.

In the combination with other types of cancer therapy or surgery, activation therapy should be considered one of effective methods of integrative oncology.

Types of activation therapy

Let us distinguish the main types:

  • usage of programme modes of different natural biostimulators of plant and animal origin
  • physical impact with the help of magnetic field, SCENAR, EHF, soft laser, photoimpact and their different combinations
  • substract maintenance

Principles of activation therapy

The main principles of activation therapy include:

  • the need to obtain the proper adaptation reaction from the patient;
  • individual approach while choosing the strategy of treatment;
  • “protection from the big with the small”;
  • indispensable change of the dosage during the treatment;
  • selection of tools with multiple application points in the body;
  • combination of different methods of treatment.

By following these principles, we can achieve more stable and long-lasting results.

In Onco.Rehab activation therapy is applied considering different personal aspects of a patient, e.g. the level of anxiety, performance, irritability, sleep quality, fatigue etc. Only in that case it is possible to select the optimal protocol and succeed in the treatment.

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How to get the screening and treatment
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Visit the treating doctor

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1. CBC, UA (valid for 5 days).
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3. ECG with the interpretation (valid for 1 month).


1. Originals of the passport.
2. All medical documents concerning the patient’s disease (abstracts, MRI, CT, PET/CT, MSCT, ultrasound and other screenings), the abstract from the patient file.
3. The conclusion of a medical commission with the recommended medicine.
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