Oncopsychology: what is it?


Almost every adult, regardless of age, has two illusions: an illusion of control and an illusion of another adult's power. They appear in early childhood and can rule us for the rest of our lives.

Illusion of control: Parents are really able to “control”, and they control their childrens’ surrounding world. This control becomes a part of our inner world, and we start leaning on it in all life situations.

Illusion of another adult's power: An adult's power over a child, their needs and possibilities, is enormous is very high. A baby explores itself and the world through the mother's reflection, her feelings, and her actions.Then, in the baby’s life, appear the father and other adults who contribute to the relationship, supporting it with norms of upbringing and social rules. An adult is represented as powerful, with limitless possibilities.

When we are children, it works in many situations. But then we grow up and turn out to be in our parents’ place, but the inner faith in some other “powerful” adult remains. You have probably heard the joke: “I know I am a grown-up, but I suppose there are real adults somewhere else!”

We have all been in situations where we were misunderstood, misheard, or had to do something we did not really want. We felt offended and hurt. And these negative emotions stay with us for a very long time. Actually, emotions do not have statutes of limitations, they do not go anywhere. They just get out of our focus but stay in our muscles, organs, and every cell of our bodies. Up to a certain point, the body has enough resources to function, but external factors add stress, and the body reaches the point.

What should one do if there is already a limit and cancer has been diagnosed?

Nature gave us incredible reserve forces that can recover damaged organs, grow new cells instead of dead ones, and normalize body functions.

When we get sick, our body starts complicated, hidden processes. We know about them through such symptoms as temperature, cough, nausea, and pain.

It is how our body kills pathogenic cells and gets rid of their waste products.

When we talk about the treatment of a serious disease, of treatment, additional help is necessary. We need to activate our brain resources, which are responsible for reserve forces that help boost the efficiency of the treatment and fix the result.

It is possible in two ways:

Naturally: when a person lives without stress, follows health diet, breathes fresh air, has enough rest and works with pleasure. They can easily forgive offences, does not feel guilt and are confident in tomorrow. But how many people can tell the same about themselves?

The second way includes a course of psychotherapy.

How can an oncopsychologist help?

“Why” is the first thought that comes to sick people's minds. There is no answer to this question, and even if there were, nothing would change.

The answer is in the past, but life is still happening right now and into the future. Such questions as “What for?” and “What can I do with it?” open new possibilities even in such a difficult situation as oncology.

Our clinic's doctors are confident that, with modern medical treatment such as hyperthermia, PDT, and targeted therapy, oncology will become a chronic disease in the vast majority of cases. Therefore, there is a question about life quality, its sense and activation of the body’s own resources to boost and fix the efficiency of the treatment.

Working with an oncopsychologist helps:

  • improve the quality of life now and here, get rid of fears before, during and after the treatment, adapt to a new lifestyle, learn to hear your real needs, take an active part in the preparation for the treatment and in the process itself. You can enhance your well-being, sleep, and appetite. You can remove depressive symptoms and find mutual understanding with your relatives. It is not a secret that problems and anxiety influence relationships, and not always positively.
  • enhance interactions with doctors.
  • learn effective methods of self-assistance that can be used after cancer treatment.
  • find the purpose of life, return joy, achieve mutual understanding, and live every day, taking into account the real possibilities of the patient.
  • activate the resources and forces of your own body, boost the immune system to fight against the disease!

How, in what form, and how much therapy will take place are discussed individually. The patient becomes an active participant of this process from the moment they make the decision to consult a doctor!

You can make an appointment with the doctor on our website.


How much does your health cost?
990 €
cost of one
procedure of integrative
number of
number of
months of
months 1
1 month
240 months
Stage of the disease
procedures 1
1 procedure
2400 procedures
Survival rate will be:
Integrative oncology
Standard therapy
* We recommend to take 1 course of 10 procedures every month.
How to get the screening and treatment
We accept the patients from all regions of the Russian Federation and all over the world
Visit the treating doctor
Visit the treating doctor

To get a consultation/hospitalization in OOO “Onkoklinika” you should go to the clinic residence (oncology clinic) at the place of your and take a reference (057-U) with the signature of your treating doctor and the seal of the medical organization.

Get the referral and a record from the medical card
List of necessary tests and documents to get the treatment and medicines in “OncoClinic”, ltd

1. CBC, UA (valid for 5 days).
2. Blood chemistry: creatinine, urea, AST, ALT, protein total, bilirubin (valid for 14 days).
3. ECG with the interpretation (valid for 1 month).


1. Originals of the passport.
2. All medical documents concerning the patient’s disease (abstracts, MRI, CT, PET/CT, MSCT, ultrasound and other screenings), the abstract from the patient file.
3. The conclusion of a medical commission with the recommended medicine.
Fill in the application form of a patient and
download documents on the website
Make an appointment
Fill in
select files
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Get the information about the time and date of the appointment during 72 hours

The manager contacts patients just after the concilium of doctors (every Thursday) where the specialists look through all the documents and make a decision about the necessary treatment.


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