Lymphotropic therapy

Лимфотропная терапия

What is lymphotropic therapy?

Experimentation revealed a picture of lymphatic system malfunction as far back as the end of the twentieth century. This picture was typological. The result was the development of the concept of lymphology. It is based on the idea of optimising and correcting the poor work of the lymphatic system. Then came methods that enabled the clinical application of this concept.

In leading clinics in Russia it became possible to achieve better therapeutic results in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer.

M. Levin is the author of the lymphotropic method of therapy.

Yuri Markovich Levin took an active part in the establishment of the Scientific Research Institute of Lymphology in Novosibirsk. The scientist founded the Academy of Clinical Lymphology and Endocrinology, which has international status. For his scientific achievements, Yuri Markovich was elected to the European Society dealing with issues of lymphology, received the Russian Federation Government Award and international prizes.

This is how lymphology, which involves almost all medical disciplines, appeared.

The idea of clinical lymphology can be determined by with several points:

  1. As the lymphatic system is one of the most important parts supporting homeostasis, it is nearly always engaged in pathological processes, and it does not depend on the pathogenesis or etiology of these processes.
  2. Malfunction of the lymphatic system and its inadequacy influence the development and outcome of diseases.
  3. It is necessary to correct the activity of the lymphatic system, optimize it. It is important, and sometimes even obligatory, for achieving positive results from the treatment.
  4. The means and methods of reaching the purposes of treatment are simple, non-traumatic, and available for any medical organization.

Essence of the method

When talking about lymphotropic therapy as a treatment method, it is necessary to mention that it represents the introduction of drugs directly into the lymphatic system.

The ordinary method of drug introduction suggests that the medicine gets into the blood, transforms in the liver, and then reaches its destination. But along the way, the drug loses some of its efficiency.

During lymphotropic therapy, drugs are delivered directly to their target via lymph. That helps significantly increase the efficiency of the treatment. This method is one aspect of endoecological rehabilitation.

Advantages of the method

Important advantages of this method are:

  • In comparison to intravenous or intramuscular injection, the medicine dosage is reduced several times while the effect is maintained.
  • Decrease in the toxic impact of medicine on certain organs, including the liver.
  • Increase in lymphatic volume and its drainage due to the use of a special solution. This process stimulates immunity.
  • Opportunity to keep the optimal concentration of drugs in the necessary organ. It enables you to reduce the drug dosage both at once and throughout the course.

Therapeutical effects

Clinical practice revealed a number of important therapeutic effects of this method.

  1. Treatment efficiency increases

The method of drug injection leads to high concentrations of the drug in the lymphatic system and organs. It is crucial for the efficiency of therapy, including chemotherapy.

  1. The barrier function of lymphatic nodes strengthens

Activated lymphatic nodes block toxins, pathogens, and cancer cells in the lymph more effectively. This detoxification prevents metastasis and restores impaired immunity.

  1. Blocking of lymphogenic cell migration

The occurrence of a preventive effect inhibits the spread of cancer cells and pathogenic microorganisms.

  1. The toxic effect of injected medicines reduces

The efficiency of therapy, including chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy, and immunotherapy, significantly increases as doses of the introduced drug are minimal and minimally toxic. The immune system mobilizes.

  1. Lymphatic drainage of tissues and organs is stimulated

Stimulated lymphatic drainage in large part influences the purification of the pericellular space. The reasons for this effect are necessary medical drugs, specific physiological procedures, some plants with healing properties.

  1. Regional stimulation of lymphatic drainage of tissues

With drug injection and appropriate physiotherapeutic procedures, this effect appears in organ and tissue areas.

This approach was approved in international studies in the USA and Switzerland. In its practice, Onco.Rehab uses the principles of lymphotropic therapy in ALPDT.

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