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Feedback is a tool in our clinic for improving the quality of the service. It is also a tool for our patients to improve the quality of their lives. We adhere to the privacy policy, so we never point patients’ diagnoses in the feedback.

Video reviews of our patients

  • V. E. Kudrin
    I, Vladimir Evgenievich, am from Murom. Today, October 30, 2021, I have been at the rehabilitation centre for consultation and treatment. I'd like to emphasise the staff's friendliness and responsiveness. The doctor gave me the necessary information about treatment methods, and I feel confident about the future. The rooms are clear and comfortable, thank you very much.
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  • Y. Spatar
    I, Yuri Spatar, am undergoing treatment at the Vladimir Oncocenter, and by doctor’s referral, I am having additional procedures at the Onco.Rehab clinic. The medical staff is very attentive and courteous. Thanks to Dr. Aleksey I. Panyukov for his professional and understandable consultation and support.
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  • O. A. Druzhinin
    I, O. A. Druzhinin, have attended several appointments with Dr. V. V. Kushkin. The doctor's attitude was excellent; he answered all of my questions completely and explained and told me about every aspect of my disease. It is very cosy and comfortable at the clinic, and the staff is affable and polite. Thank you so much for such a good attitude.
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  • L. Cherenkova
    I, Larisa Cherenkova, sincerely thank the wonderful people who work at the Onco.Rehab clinic. I wish these helpful and knowledgeable people success in all matters, good health, and personal happiness in the coming New Year. I wish the wonderful doctor Aleksey I. Panyukov all the best. Many thanks to manager Tatyana for her friendliness. Gratitude to nurses for painless procedures and care Thank you very much!
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How to get the screening and treatment
We accept the patients from all regions of the Russian Federation and all over the world
Visit the treating doctor
Visit the treating doctor

To get a consultation/hospitalization in OOO “Onkoklinika” you should go to the clinic residence (oncology clinic) at the place of your and take a reference (057-U) with the signature of your treating doctor and the seal of the medical organization.

Get the referral and a record from the medical card
List of necessary tests and documents to get the treatment and medicines in “OncoClinic”, ltd

1. CBC, UA (valid for 5 days).
2. Blood chemistry: creatinine, urea, AST, ALT, protein total, bilirubin (valid for 14 days).
3. ECG with the interpretation (valid for 1 month).


1. Originals of the passport.
2. All medical documents concerning the patient’s disease (abstracts, MRI, CT, PET/CT, MSCT, ultrasound and other screenings), the abstract from the patient file.
3. The conclusion of a medical commission with the recommended medicine.
Fill in the application form of a patient and
download documents on the website
Make an appointment
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The manager contacts patients just after the concilium of doctors (every Thursday) where the specialists look through all the documents and make a decision about the necessary treatment.


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