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  • What will I get if I come to Onco.Rehab?

    Most of our patients, who have undergone at least three 10-day treatment courses and rehabilitation, notice:

    • Improvement of life quality
    • Immune boost
    • Prolongation of life
    • Relief of symptoms caused by tumours or treatment
    • Prevention of metastasis formation, sustained remission, and even recovery*

    Of course, we cannot guarantee remission or recovery from cancer, but in most cases our patients see remarkable stabilization of the oncoprocess.

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • What methods do we use to reach success?

    Standard methods (Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted therapy)

    Integrative methods (ALPDT, Hyperthermia, Onconutritionology, Mycotherapy, Lymphotropic therapy, Activation therapy, Oncopsychology, Biohacking, Phytotargeted therapy)

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • Do you have your own point of view on oncology and the ways of cancer treatment?

    We try to understand all our patients: those, who come within CMI programme or on commercial basis; citizens of Russia and foreign patients. Our aim is very simple and complicated at the same time. We want to help and give hope for recovery!

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • Have you been refused in conventional treatment?

    Common reasons in this situation are:

    • Hopelessness of conventional therapy due to the prevalence of the tumour process;
    • Severe condition and presence of contraindications;
    • Resistance to antitumour drug therapy.

    Majority of our patients are people, who have been refused in other organizations. It is more common in different regions of Russia, where authorities directly or indirectly deny or delay treatment under a plausible pretext. However, oncology is a chronic disease. It means that it should and must be treated for a long time. Yes, sometimes cancer cannot be cured, but it must be controlled.

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • You are not satisfied with doctors of conventional medicine, who don’t want to listen to you and discuss your doubts?

    Our colleagues, who work in the state healthcare system, are overworked. It is impossible to overestimate their efforts. As a results, professional deformation takes place; and in oncology it is really remarkable. That is why we want our main medical staff work at our clinic only. Every doctor has an assistant to pay maximum attention to patients and treatment without getting sidetracked.

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • Do you want to reduce side effects of chemotherapy?

    To prevent complications, we work beyond conventional approaches within CMI. As a rule, low tolerance of drug therapy in oncology is connected with concomitant pathologies or exhaustion of the body. Immunocorrection, activation therapy and personalized diets can solve many problems.

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • Are you afraid of conventional methods of treatment and complications associated with them?

    We work with patients’ fears. As a rule, the fear of treatment is irrational and caused by the patient’s ignorance, feeling of defenselessness and own vulnerability. Work with an oncopsychologist will help to break these barriers.

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • You don’t believe that conventional medicine can treat and cure cancer?

    We always discuss the prospects with the patients. There is a diagnosis, and there is a chance of different outcomes depending on approaches. We are not afraid to speak with our patients about their diagnosis because we have something to offer! We find any opportunity to give patients and their relatives hope and confidence!

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • Do you provide palliative care for patients (for bedridden patients)?

    To get treatment and specialized care in your case our specialists recommend to apply to a palliative department at the place of your living.

    Our clinic does not have palliative department with specially equipped beds, wheelchairs and staff to take care of palliative patients.

    Alexandra Chigareva
  • Can I eat… (wild yam, pinto beans, etc.)?

    We cannot say remotely for sure if you can eat any products or not. Out oncologists can give recommendations about particular products and there benefits for your health only on a face-to-face consultation in the first Russian clinic of integrative oncology Onco.Rehab. You can undergo the treatment in our clinic, and we will tell, how to include, for example, pinto beans in your diet without any harm for the basic treatment: chemotherapy (immunotherapy, targeted therapy), radiotherapy, surgery.

    You might remember that even harmless advice, if individual particularities and a current state of the body have not been taken into account, can negatively influence your health.

    Alexandra Chigareva

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240 months
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Integrative oncology
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* We recommend to take 1 course of 10 procedures every month.
How to get the screening and treatment
We accept the patients from all regions of the Russian Federation and all over the world
Visit the treating doctor
Visit the treating doctor

To get a consultation/hospitalization in OOO “Onkoklinika” you should go to the clinic residence (oncology clinic) at the place of your and take a reference (057-U) with the signature of your treating doctor and the seal of the medical organization.

Get the referral and a record from the medical card
List of necessary tests and documents to get the treatment and medicines in “OncoClinic”, ltd

1. CBC, UA (valid for 5 days).
2. Blood chemistry: creatinine, urea, AST, ALT, protein total, bilirubin (valid for 14 days).
3. ECG with the interpretation (valid for 1 month).


1. Originals of the passport.
2. All medical documents concerning the patient’s disease (abstracts, MRI, CT, PET/CT, MSCT, ultrasound and other screenings), the abstract from the patient file.
3. The conclusion of a medical commission with the recommended medicine.
Fill in the application form of a patient and
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