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Using cards for paying

To pay for services you can use VISA, MasterCard or MIR.

It is necessary to enter following data:

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  • Validity term;
  • Owner’s name;
  • CVC2/CVV2 code.


After entering the data in the bank on an authorized website, the payment will be processed.

If your card has 3D-Secure service, automatic readdressing will send you to the website of the bank, which issued the card. This procedure is necessary for authentification. To get more information about the necessity of additional identification, connect the bank that issued the card.

International security certificate PCI DSS guarantees safe processing of online payments via the payment gateaway of the bank. Coding technology SSL make information confidential and inaccessible to an unauthorized person.

Recommendations for keeping confidentiality

Here are some recommendations concerning safety measures of using bankcards:

  1. Safely store your bankcards.
  2. Do not give your card to extraneous people under any circumstances.
  3. Never tell the full number of your card by phone.
  4. Write down the phone number of your bank for emergency cases.
  5. If you lose your card immediately contact your bank to block it.
  6. Do not give the information about your bankcard unless you are making a purchase.



A consumer should know when and how he or she can return the money.

Section 26.1 “Remote way of selling goods” of the Federal law of the Russian Federation of February 7, 1992 N 2300-I (mod. 31.07.2020) “About protection of consumers’ rights” determines the procedure of refund. It contains all cases, when a purchaser can refuse the product, and rules for the return of goods. For example, they can do it at any time before or after accepting it.

In case of a consumer’s refusal, the seller must return the money paid by the consumer within ten days according to the contract. The exception is the cost of delivery if the seller has paid it.

Paragraph 4 of this section also mentions circumstances when a consumer does not have the right to refuse the product of proper quality. It happens if a product has “individually determined properties, if this product can be used only by a purchaser”.

In sections 18-24 of this law are mentioned consequences of selling goods of improper quality.

Refusal of a service and compensation

Paragraph 32 “The right of a consumer to refuse to fulfill the contract about performing works (performing services)” determines a consumer’s rights to terminate the contract about performing a service.

It is clearly written in the paragraph that a consumer can terminate the contract at any time having paid the performer a part of money in proportion to work that has been done till he gets a notice about the termination of this contract. The consumer also must reimburse the expenses, which the performer has had till this moment, while fulfilling the contract, if they are not included in the price of the service.

If the consumer has found any flaws of the service, he has the right to demand one of the following:

  • Remove the flaws for free;
  • educe the cost of the service;
  • Compensate the expenses of the consumer or a third party for removing the flaws.

The consumer can make a claim if flaws of a performed service were found during the guarantee period. If there is no guarantee period, then “in reasonable terms, within two years since the day of performing the service”.

The seller is entirely responsible for quality of the service, even if the guarantee period is not determined. In this case the consumer must prove that the flaws of the service and their reasons have already existed before its acceptance by the consumer.

You can download an application form for the refund here. After filling in the form, send a copy to e-mail address

Details of "OncoClinic", ltd.

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Business address

Stadionnaya street, 2, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region, Russia, 142603

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Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED)

86.10 Activity of medical organizations



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Branch office “Tsentral’nyy”

VTB Bank (PJSC) Moscow


How much does your health cost?
990 €
cost of one
procedure of integrative
number of
number of
months of
months 1
1 month
240 months
Stage of the disease
procedures 1
1 procedure
2400 procedures
Survival rate will be:
Integrative oncology
Standard therapy
* We recommend to take 1 course of 10 procedures every month.
How to get the screening and treatment
We accept the patients from all regions of the Russian Federation and all over the world
Visit the treating doctor
Visit the treating doctor

To get a consultation/hospitalization in OOO “Onkoklinika” you should go to the clinic residence (oncology clinic) at the place of your and take a reference (057-U) with the signature of your treating doctor and the seal of the medical organization.

Get the referral and a record from the medical card
List of necessary tests and documents to get the treatment and medicines in “OncoClinic”, ltd

1. CBC, UA (valid for 5 days).
2. Blood chemistry: creatinine, urea, AST, ALT, protein total, bilirubin (valid for 14 days).
3. ECG with the interpretation (valid for 1 month).


1. Originals of the passport.
2. All medical documents concerning the patient’s disease (abstracts, MRI, CT, PET/CT, MSCT, ultrasound and other screenings), the abstract from the patient file.
3. The conclusion of a medical commission with the recommended medicine.
Fill in the application form of a patient and
download documents on the website
Make an appointment
Fill in
select files
Type the letters you see on the picture*
Pushing the button “SEND” I agree with the processing of personal data.
Get the information about the time and date of the appointment during 72 hours

The manager contacts patients just after the concilium of doctors (every Thursday) where the specialists look through all the documents and make a decision about the necessary treatment.


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