Biohacking – what is it?


What is biohacking?

Nowadays technologies are rapidly developing. Something that only yesterday seemed impossible in the nearest future often becomes our reality going ahead of all predictions.

Biohacking is one of such technologies.

Speaking briefly, biohacking is a desire to use the latest achievements of medical technologies to improve the functioning of body systems, health and to prolong the active phase of life.

Biohacking and cancer treatment

Treatment of cancer patients within integrative oncology implies active implementation of elements of biohacking.

The central element of biohacking in cancer treatment is realization of a synergetic mechanism.

Clinical studies show that while treating mutant melanoma acquired drug resistance appears in most patients usually within one year. In other words, medicines, which have successfully been used before, stop working. That is why applying of biohacking in the complex with traditional methods is so important.

Food supplements in biohacking

It is difficult to imagine biohacking without food supplements.

Using of supplements together with healthy diet, physical exercises and absence of bad habits play an important role in cancer prevention.

Food supplements that are used for improvement of immune functioning and protection from cancer diseases can be divided into several groups. One of them is antioxidants, immune modulators of natural origin.

They can neutralize free radicals (particles that form in the body due to the influence of factors from both internal, and external environment).

Food supplements that are used in biohacking are elements of complex therapy for cancer diseases at the initial stage and during the rehabilitation period of cancer patients.

Supplements in biohacking are becoming regulators of a number of immune functions. They support:

  • Increasing of anticancer activity of the immune system
  • Decreasing of hyperactivity of immunity after the basic treatment with cytotatics or after sessions of radiotherapy
  • Activation of processes of blood formation and hepatoprotection
  • Decreasing of drug toxicity
  • Enhancing of life quality and increasing of longevity of cancer patients

Vitamins in biohacning

Talking about using of vitamin D in biohacking, one should base on the results of researches. One of them says that the usage of this vitamin increases efficiency of photodynamic therapy in breast cancer models.

The latest results of melanoma treatment showed that vitamin D has antiproliferative effect on tumour cells and also has its own immunomodulating activity.

Practice in Onco.Rehab clinic proved the effective usage of vitamin D in the complex with photodynamic therapy.

МIt is possible to claim that vitamin D itself does not cure, but together with other treating methods it helps the immune system to fight against the disease.

Curcumin in biohacking

Curcumin is a coloring pigment, which gets its medical activity from curcuminoids. They are concentrated on the root of an Indian herb turmeric that is famous for its treating properties.

Its uniqueness helps not only maintain beauty and health, turmeric is also used in biohacking for cancer treatment.

Clinical researches found many effects while using turmeric in biohacking. They include:

  • Blocking of autophagy
  • Activation of apoptosis (programmed cell death of cancer cells)
  • Increase of survival

Melatonin in biohacking

Clinical researches of exposure of melatonin are not finished. However, the necessity of its usage in biohacking for cancer treatment is already beyond question.



Now it has become obvious that combined treatment of cancer patients with melatonin can significantly strengthen the suppressed survivability of cells in a dose-dependent manner especially in the combination with vemurafenib.

In addition, melatonin decrease the toxicity of vemurafenib and boost its antitumour effect.

Melatonin influences 3 mechanisms of gene expression:

  • DNA methylation
  • chromatin modification
  • non-coding RNA modification

Combined usage of natural endogenous hormone melatonin and analogues of vemurafenib (dabrafenib) in Onco.Rehab clinic is considered to be a promising therapeutic strategy for overcoming the drug resistance during the treatment of melanoma.

Biohacking in Onco.Rehab clinic is aimed at helping our patients, giving them hope.

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