Consultation on the use of photosensitizers (10 suppositories)



Photosensitizers (PS) are special compounds that are easily activated under the light exposure, and the wave length can be different. It is impossible to conduct photodynamic therapy without these compounds. It is PS which provide efficiency and safety of treatment and diagnostic procedures.

Photosensitizers possess following characteristics:

  • They accumulate selectively and remain in malignant tumour tissues for a long time.
  • They do not damage healthy tissues.
  • Sites of their absorption in infrared zones differ from absorption sites of other pigments, for example, melanin.
  • They are highly cytotoxic for atypical cells.
  • Side effects are significantly reduced.

Classification and properties of drugs

Properties of medicines are determined by their chemical structure, physico-chemical properties, and the ability to enter and accumulate in tissues damaged by a malignant tumour. As photosensitizers have various morphometric structures, there is no universal drug, which will be equally efficient in different types of cancer.

Existed photosensitizers are classified according to physico-chemical properties and solubility of the drug in a certain substance. 

There are several groups of these compounds:

  • Hydrophobic PS. They actively interact with lipids causing the accumulating affect in certain parts of cells, i. e. in lipids.
  • Hydrophilic PS. Dissolving in water they build up in water parts. Drugs of this group are divided into cationic (positive ion) and anionic (negative charge).
  • Amphihilic PS. They are especially valuable in clinical practice due to their ability to bind in different parts of cells.

Amphiphilic PS have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic elements, and porphyrin derivatives.

In Onco.Rehab clinic you can get a complete consultation about the use of photosensitizers during the procedure of photodynamic therapy.

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